Advice For Storing Skis and Snow Gear In The Off-Season

If only it could be ski season all year long. Unfortunately for most of us, there comes a time every spring when the skis and snowboards must be put away in storage until next season. You’re anxious to get out the summer gear now; that’s understandable.

While it’s tempting to just throw your skis and snowboards into a box in your garage until next year, it pays to store all of your equipment properly. Chances are, you’ve paid a pretty penny for your gear. Any avid winter sportsman knows that you could probably purchase a brand new car, maybe even a house, with all of the money you’ve spent on snow sports over the years. Even if you’re just starting out or have only purchased used gear, it wasn’t cheap. It’s really money well spent, but you’ll want to protect your investments.

Here are five steps to ensure your skis and snow gear are ready to go straight to the slopes when you pull them out.

1. Clean It All

You wouldn’t put your dirty clothes away in drawers before you washed them; would you? Your skis or snowboard are no different. Before you pull out all of your summer toys, give a little love to your winter gear. Especially if you’ve been taking advantage of the slopes right up until spring, even summer in some places, you’re going to have mud on your skis/board and on your boots.

Be sure to get all of the dried debris out from the nooks and crannies. Evo recommends using a basic garden hose and towel as the best way to accomplish this.


2. Pull Out Your Boot Liners

It’s easy to clean the outsides of our gear without thinking about the insides. However, the insides of our boots often get wet. In order to avoid mold and harmful bacteria, it is essential to take the liners out. Both the liners and the insides of the boots should be dry before you store them. You can just let them air dry, or you can use a boot dryer. This is really something you should consider doing after each use.

3. Wax, It’s What The Boards Crave

Waxing your board frequently makes for a killer day on the slopes. It also greatly extends the life of your gear. Much like a living, breathing organism, your board needs to stays hydrated.

It’s a good idea to give your board a thicker layer of wax than usual before you put it in storage.

4. Put It All In A Bag

Instead of leaving your things exposed to elements throughout the summer and fall, put your gear in a bag. Burton recommends using a proper snowboard, ski and boot bag. Also, store your board vertically, not horizontally on wooden dowels.

5. Make Sure It’s A Climate-Controlled Environment

Too much heat can damage the adhesive of skis and snowboards. UV light will fade all of your things. Your gear can be negatively affected by heat and humidity, which garages and attics tend to fluctuate in.


If you want to avoid damage while you’re not even using the gear, it is essential to keep equipment in a temperature-controlled storage environment.

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