Six Smart Strategies to Organize and Stack Your Storage Unit

Putting things into storage sounds simple. Pull up the truck filled with your stuff, then start unloading it into the storage unit. When everything’s in, you shut the door, lock it, and drive off. That is one option, but your unit won’t be organized or properly stacked. Plus, you are going to be digging if you need to pull something out. Some planning ahead and putting in a bit of effort will help you stay organized while keeping everything in good condition while it’s stored.

1. Prepare Things for Storage

Pack your belongings as if you were going on a cross-country move. While the items may not be going that far, you want them to remain safe in storage. Use sturdy boxes for everything possible. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap. Tape each box and label it, so you know what’s in the box. Disassemble furniture as much as possible. Clean appliances to prevent pest infestation. Pack electronics in original boxes when possible.

2. Determine Your Organization Strategy

Before putting one box or piece of furniture inside the unit, you need to have a plan on how you are going to get organized and stay organized. For example, if you are storing a house full of items, you might group things from the same room in one location. Or you might want all the furniture items towards the back of the unit and boxes up front. Think about it before you start loading the unit.

3. Don’t Leave Empty Space

Every square inch counts. Make sure each box is filled with packing materials. Otherwise, they might collapse damaging their contents. Fill dresser drawers with clothes or smaller items. Put linens inside empty pieces of luggage. Leaving empty pockets is both a waste of space and a potential place for things to fall over or collapse into causing unnecessary damage.


4. Use Shelves and Cabinets to Your Advantage

It’s likely that you are going to have small boxes and odd pieces that you haven’t packed. Use empty shelf space to store those items. Bookshelves and cabinets are perfect locations for this type of storage. As this Philadelphia moving and storage company encourages, just remember to secure those items before moving the furniture pieces out later.

5. Heaviest on Bottom

Always place the heaviest items at the bottom. It seems logical, but many forget this when trying to get the unit packed and the job done. Place sturdy pieces of furniture against the walls and in corners. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom. Placing the heaviest items at the bottom will lessen the likelihood of damage. Lighter items should go on top of the heavier items.

6. Most Needed in Front

If you are going to need to access certain things while they are in storage, you want them to be towards the front of the unit, so you don’t have to go digging for them. They should be the last items placed and marked so you can get what you need without disturbing the rest of the unit’s contents.

Going through these strategies will help you organize and stack your storage unit in the best way possible.

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