Five Tips for People Downsizing and Moving to a Smaller Home

It can be a challenge to downsize. It will force you to start donating or selling items so that you won’t be too crowded in your new digs. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of emotion tied up in our possessions. That’s why it is important to have a plan for moving forward in an organized manner.

You can sell your nicer things or give them to a friend that you know can use the item. Donating many of your less valuable possessions is also an excellent option.

Tips for downsizing when moving to a smaller home
Tips for downsizing when moving to a smaller home

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to start getting rid of things.

HGTV recommends getting an early start on making decisions about what to keep and what to donate or sell. Be sure not to throw anything out that another family member might want to keep. Always get permission to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

2. Go through your home and write down all the things you love and can’t live without.

This is your “keeper” list. It will include sentimental gifts and practical items you use. If you haven’t used an item in the past year, then it is definitely time to get rid of it in most cases.

3. Be certain to carefully go through your paperwork before throwing out things you no longer need.

It can be far too easy to rush through this part of the process because it is boring. But, it is important to take your time, so you won’t throw anything away that you’ll need later. Nationwide suggests throwing out old bills and tax documents that are seven years old or older.

Be sure you have a shredder on hand for sensitive documents that you don’t want falling into the wrong person’s hands.

4. Consider your new lifestyle when you start getting rid of things you no longer need.

Downsizing usually means your life is changing. Think about what you are likely to use as you shift into your new way of life. If you’re moving to a smaller house to simplify your life, then commit to that goal and lighten your load significantly by getting rid of things you will probably never need again.

It might make it easier mentally if you consider the fact that someone else will be able to use that and that it will simply be taking up precious space in your home.

5. Be sure to target areas of the home where you have duplicates or items that you won’t need now that you’re downsizing.

Style at Home recommends getting rid of duplicates in the kitchen. It is common to have much more than you will ever need. Nobody needs six mixing bowls or four can openers. Another prime target is yard tools if you won’t have a yard to keep up in your new home.

Tips for downsizing when moving to a smaller home
Tips for downsizing when moving to a smaller home


Every rite of passage brings both an upside and a challenge. Downsizing is no different. It is important to be prepared for the task of letting go of some of your stuff.

As simple as that sounds on the surface, when it is actually time to make some hard decisions, people often have a tendency to want to hang on more than is practical for the move.

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